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Expired Domain Names

Expired domain names are the key to getting listed on Yahoo! FAST!

There are many businesses that are simply giving up their domain names and they just let the domain expire. Many of these businesses have paid the $300 for express inclusion in the Yahoo! directory. You can find those expiring domain names easily by searching at www.1expired.com. They have a have a quick and easy online program for finding dropped domain names that relate to your business!

Simply purchase the expired domain name as soon as it becomes available and now you have a site listed on Yahoo! You have avoided the $300 fee and can expect some traffic to start coming to that site - so get it up right away. We can find how the site looked, in the archives and can usually make an exact duplicate of what it looked like. This is good if the site is already listed and people are familiar with it. Simply send traffic from that (related) site to your website.

Check out the programs at www.1expired.com right away.

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