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Search Engine Optimization

The Secret to Getting Seen.

All too often, too much emphasis is put on having a website - a pretty or handsome website with lots of flash and dazzle.

You need to have your beautiful site on a highway billboard. That means getting listed on the search engines. It doesn't happen by magic. There has to be a plan - SEO.

I have gotten sites listed on Google in a month or less just by linking to the right sites, so that the Google crawlers (computers browsing the web) would find that link and follow it to a new website.


I received this testimonial just 20 days after starting work on his site! Before that, he was nowhere to be found!

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From: anthony salerno
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 7:08 AM
To: benj@sitedesignhelp.com


I see that we are already on the radar.  Depending on what you plug in for a search we show up on page 1 or 2 for Google, AOL and Yahoo.  I was surprised!



Another new customer is already #1 in Google in only 2 weeks! His url is http://www.sandsremodelingnyc.com/

Sal wants people in his area to find him so he asked to get on Google for the following terms:

kitchen remodeling in Lower Westchester County
bath remodeling in Lower Westchester County
Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lower Westchester County, etc

Search Google for: Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lower Westchester County   #1 on first page of GOOGLE

For Bath Remodeling in Lower Westchester County   #1 on first page

For Kitchen Remodeling in Lower Westchester County  #1 ...  ABOVE Absolute remodeling, custommade and others including service magic (a major competitor)!

For Kitchen Remodeling in Westchester County #5 

Bath Remodeling in Westchester County #1 AGAIN!


This site, www.evergreenamerica.com, was nowhere to be found in Jan 2005, even though it had been online for about a year. With a simple linking strategy it appeared on Google within a couple of weeks. Once that was accomplished, we needed to move it off page 2 and 3 or further up - up to page one. Now you can find that site in the top 5 on page 1, for many search terms:

- #1,   (used to be #4)
- #1  
Yahoo! Search
- #2

This is accomplished though page optimization, sometimes known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We target certain keywords that our customers would search for - and they are not always what we think. This is where analyzing the competition and YOUR site logs come into play. We at sitedesignhelp.com are proficient in all of these areas. References available!

Note that there are also a number of links on other sites that lead to the EvergreenAmerica.com site..

Also some searches have EvergreenAmerica.com in the SPONSORED SEARCHES. In many cases they are on the one search page 4,5,6 even 7 times! Now THAT's exposure! Sometimes we have our customers at the top, middle, right and bottom... often pushing competitors off of page one.  :o)

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