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I'm here to help you build your business - not just your website.

Flash Designed Banners are the best thing to happen to websites in a long time. Now you can have a mini-movie, using very little bandwidth on your website. You can also have flash banners on the web attracting people to your website. FLASH designed banners and other effects are much smaller than the equivalent animated gif banner - although we can make an animated gif banner as well. Sometimes those are easier for the novice webmaster to get onto their site quickly and easily.

You probably saw the flash intro on THIS website. There is probably no better way to make your company look big and successful that with Flash. We have made flash affordable for everyone!

Here are some examples of my work:




This one follows the theme of Jaguar's National Advertising campaign:



This next on is on New York's WOR Radio Station's web:


Look halfway down for the  banner. 

It was the top banner for Motor Silk and Ron Ananian; The Car Doctor.
Note that it's the flash banners on that page that get your attention!


I made all of the banners for Fuel Smart Technologies, which can be found on these pages:


(By the way, I used their product - Motor Silk - and it increased my gas mileage almost 10% PLUS I have more power too! Get Some!)

Of course we also make static banners, as you can see.

Here's just one example:

Banners range from $5 for a simple text banner to $50 for the most elaborate flash banner with variations at a modest extra cost per banner. All banners are optimized for the web!

You can find more of our portfolio HERE





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